Celestial phenomena and UFO in historical paintings.

Since I remember, there have been talks about Aliens; initially, it was Martian and now many different races of aliens. You will be amazed to know that there are historical events about UFO sightings in the old paintings. There is a group of people who believe that extraterrestrials visited earth many centuries ago. Here is a link to ancient astronaut theory

This group offers a very popular theory called ancient astronaut theory. The first person who came up with the question about strange sightings and evidence was Eric van danican. The most popular book that I read in my childhood written by danican was “Chariots of the gods.” The book is extremely interesting and offers much evidence of alien visitors, which are unexplainable.

There is a TV series on the history channel called Ancient alien, which continues Von Danican’s work and digs out many other pieces of evidence of alien visitation on earth.

Of course, there are always different interpretations of each subject in this TV show, but I believe everyone should watch the show and make their own decision.


Below I will present you with old paintings and art with strange objects that look like UFO.

The first picture is:

The Crucifixion of Christ.

This painting is in Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo; everything points to a religious painting except on the right and left corner on the top; one can see two flying objects which have a pilot in them. It would be strange to believe that painter was picturing some Angel above Christ during the crucifixion, which looks like a spaceship. Since the common understanding is that Angel does not use the flying machine or a spaceship, I don’t believe these two objects are Angels. Another thing is that this painting is from 1350. No airplane or flying object was discovered at that time. What does the painter want to show here? What do you think?

Here you can see, zoomed picture which has focused on the flying objects. It clearly shows two flying objects with people in them. One can see that people in these two ships are operating and flying them. People argue as usual that these two ships are a depiction of “Angels.” I am not sure how an Angel looks like, but I don’t believe that these two objects represent two angels.

Next painting which I would like to show you are:

The Annunciation with Saint Emidus

Carlo Crivelli painted this painting in 1486. If you look carefully, you can see a light beam coming from an object in the sky, which very much looks like a modern UFO. Some people, of course, say that this is a lite from the Lord shining on Mary on the exact moment she finds out that she is going to give birth to Jesus Christ.
Since Crivelli is not around anymore to ask him what he painted, we can try to look at the object. It looks exactly like a UFO. If you search on the internet for pictures of ufo, some are the same as in this painting.

Below you see the zoomed picture:

I don’t believe it could be more clear than this. When I look at the object, I see a disc-shaped object which is beaming light on virgin marry. I don’t know what the painter wanted to show or wanted to say. Maybe he wanted to say that Aliens were present at that time.

The next painting is:

The Baptism of Christ

This painting is from Aert de Gelde’s 17th century; as you can see, there is a saucer-shaped object in the sky, and four separate beams are coming out of it. The painting shows the baptism of Jesus.

I don’t claim that the object is UFO, but it looks like one. The painter may have had some other thing in his mind. What do you think?

The next picture is:

The Madonna With Saint Giovannino

In this painting, you can see, on the right above, Madonna’s left shoulder, an object. At a distance, a man is looking at the object. It is strange to see an object in the sky when people knew only birds who could fly. Is it the painter’s imagination? Perhaps but he could paint birds. It would be more natural.

The next one is a Tapestry:

Triumph of Summer Tapestry

This tapestry was created in Bruges, Belgium, in the 15th century. Please pay attention to the marked area. It seems like three objects which look like UFO. When I look at these objects, I see typical UFOs; You be the judge. What do you see?

I don’t want to claim that these objects are UFOs, nor would I say otherwise. But it seems that it is not only in the 20th century where people observe strange objects in the sky.

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