Why Visa!

We are living in a world of connection and communication; although many countries have difficulties communicating with each other, this is not the same for families and relatives. It is not strange that a person lives in one part of the world, and the family lives another part of the world. My question is, Why Visa!

Many natives do not understand this difficulty, which blocks families from visiting each other, especially in times of need. Take a Swedish person, for instance. All of his family are living in Sweden (in most case) and all that person need is to start the car and visit his father and mother. Not visiting parents because of a lack of emotion is a completely different thing, of course.

The cost is minimal, and roadblocks are simple to overcome. The person I am talking about is a Swedish native, i.e., born in Sweden, but even that is not a guaranty that you can invite people to your home for a visit. Please note that I am writing a visit (not to stay indefinitely).

Both my sons are Swedish natives in that meaning that they are born here, but their grandpa and grandma are not living in Sweden. The same rules apply to them if they want to invite someone to Sweden from the middle east. Now, if they would invite someone from the USA to Iran, it would be a completely different situation. My question is, Why? What is different? Isn’t this a form of racial discrimination? ; Furthermore, with the rules and regulations that the EU has put in place, even if they are willing to give Visa to a person from the Middle East. The person should go through all possible hell to be able to get that Visa, not mentioning the cost of different unreasonable documentation, which is requested to form a related embassy in that country.

Do you wonder why the Middle East holds a grudge against European and American? The discrimination is enormous and is applied in every layer of the society and the country. Sanctions and blocks and all possible tricks and dirty plans to undermine these people and to steal from them. These are not my own opinion; this is how a person from the Middle East thinks.

People think all of these, but no one says anything; instead, each party takes weapons and fights. Since when in 21st Century (As a matter of fact, it is the 20th century, I don’t agree with the name 21st century, but this is how it is called ) Since when in the 21st century, we have become more blood trusty and evil than Chengiz khan?

Why all the killing and pain in the world. I do not understand. Does someone understand this, who can explain it to me?

Swedish make fun of Danish and finish. Danish and finish, in their turn, think they are better than Swedish and Norwegian believe they are classier than all of them!

Persian think they have the best culture, but when you look, fewer people are begging for food and money in Sweden than Iran.

Bosnian and Serbs are proud warriors, and they have no idea that the war finished many years ago. Why all the haterade?

One wonders people who hate others. Who do they hate? We are all from the same source; it means we all creations of the one the infinite creator. So If they hate someone else since we are al the same, they hate themselves.

People wake up the world is going under, and soon we cannot help it: The mother earth is dying and killing its inhabitance.

P:S- It took me one week to write this article; how long did it take you to read! Think about it.

In the end, I thank you for reading this article, and God bless you.

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