What is the cure to envy?

A subject which has always made me think twice when I speak or take action is envy. Any time I want to talk about something good going in my life, I have to take a pause and think twice because the person I talk to maybe envy and feel bad. In this article, I will try to describe what is the cure to envy in my opinion.

It is not that it is always other people who envy me. Sometimes I envy other people, and because of that, I started to think about this subject.

I think in general, one has to have an inner serenity, and that is achieved by being satisfied with one’s action. To be satisfied with your action implies that one knows which action is being taken. The actions that are taken can, however, be actions that are not morally defendable, but the person who does the action is still satisfied. It is unfortunate, but these categories also fall under action where a person may get inner serenity.

When one is satisfied, envy often disappears. I believe this due to the fact one no longer cares about others. By this, I don’t mean that one does not care about other human beings but rather. A person is glad about his or her own, and whatever others have is of no concern. The action we take results in some outcome. If one knows the outcome and result of the action is the desired outcome, then there is satisfaction on that action. For instance, if one wishes a new car, one takes a second job or work harder to get more money to get a new car. Of course, it is not always as simple as that. Unfortunately, some people have the feeling of envy in their blood. It has always been a kind of mystery for me why some people envy others so much, but I have come to understand that sometimes this is a person’s nature.

Let’s say your neighbor has a castle as a house and an expensive car. You invite him to your house for a cup of coffee, and he sees your expensive coffee maker. If it is in his nature, he would envy you, although he has enough money to buy the coffee maker immediately. 

There is a joke. A genie comes to a person and tells him that he can wish whatever he wishes, and the genie will grant it, but his neighbor will get twice as much as him. The guy thinks a while and says, please kill one of my cows, knowing that cow of the neighbor’s cows will die. This joke maybe is funny but, in some sense, shows human nature. Romantic jealousy, however, has no boundaries, and there is no medicine against it. Deep inside, if one cares about another person, it is natural that one gets jealous. A healthy dose of it is Ok, but excessive will kill romance and love. Some times people mixed these two feelings and believe that they envy, which in the act is jealousy. If the competitor has an expensive car, it is not the car you envy. You may envy that he has more success, or the girl is more interested in material things that you don’t possess. 

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