We are getting cooler and live longer!

You wonder what do I mean with “We are getting cooler”? Human body temperature has dropped some degrees in the last century. Scientists, after some research, have found out that normal body temperature is no longer 37 degrees Celsius. There have been studies that indicate that between the current world population, there will be some who will live as long as 150 years.

I mean, the fact that human’s temperature falls and raises is nothing strange about it. When a person has a fever, the body temperature raises to kill the infection and viruses in the body. In other cases, it drops with the help of sweating. For example, in Finland, people use to bath in the icy water after the sauna.  Depending on how long a person is inside the icy water, his body temperature drops. (Link for details information if you are interested)

The strange thing is that body temperature (average) has dropped all around the world. I guess global warming does not affect humans (this is was a joke).

Somethings strange has caused this to have a global effect. We are getting cooler.

Cold-blooded animals in nature have low body temperature. One of these animals is the turtle; Turtles are cold-blooded animals. I believe most people are aware of the fact that turtles can live very long if they are not killed in nature.

The study shows that the average life of cold-blooded animals comparing with warm-blooded is 1.10x. This means that they live 10% longer than warm-blooded.

Is body temperature drop the reason that some people between the current generation will live longer? I don’t know, maybe but in the following article in the link.

“When cold-blooded animals are exposed to a cold environment, their metabolisms slow, and they live longer. When warm-blooded animals are exposed to a cold environment, their metabolisms speed up (to maintain body temperature), and they live longer. In a new study from the University of Michigan, both responses are traced to a common genetic mechanism that senses the temperature and signals a slower rate of aging. This adds to a mountain of evidence that animals’ life spans are fixed by genetic choice, and not by any passive physical deterioration”.

If you consider the above, it is no so crazy to say that the current generation will live longer because of body temperature drop. The interesting point is that this temperature drop is <1 degree Celsius and yet it has such a profound effect on life expectancy. Just think about it, if the body temperature will decrease an additional 2-degree Celsius, how long would be then life expectancy?

Here I would like to mention the article I wrote about Lacerta. In this interview, the entity claims to be of the reptilian race. Reptiles are cold-blooded. According to Lacerta, their race is living several thousand years. Is this sci-fi or total BS? It is, of course, up to you. You be the judge.

According to the Law of one (the Ra material), The third-density entities have a life expectancy of 50-150 years; if you compare with a fourth-density, which can live up to 125000 years, you will see that it is very short. There are many explanations, but one of them is that since the third life is very intensive and difficult because of choosing orientation (with orientation, I am referring to negative or positive orientation), the person goes through lots of pain.

The fourth density, on the other hand, is much more harmonized. The polarities have been chosen, and entities have reached a level where chakra points are somewhat more in balance.

Please note that I am providing the information which I have collected from different sources. All of the sources I have provided in this article is for people who would like to get more information and make up their mind.

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