What is the UFO giggle factor, and why?

Have you noticed that whenever someone mentions UFO or some UFO-related subject, there is always some giggle is involved? People giggle. The subject is taboo. It is taboo to discuss the subject publicly. It is taboo to research. Let’s be honest; if a UFO would publicly land on the middle Stockholm, It would hardly be the strangest thing we have seen. There are far more unknown and mysterious things that are happening daily, but when is the question about the UFO there it is always involved with giggle factor. If you wonder what I mean with a giggle factor, it is a reaction of a smile to inform you that the subject is unserious. i.e., they declare you nuts without saying it.

Now why this reaction exists. Recently an official video from the US navy on an unidentified object was released (or leaked), which later the navy confirmed the authenticity of the clip. (link to video).

You may wonder why? Well, imagine if you want to hide something. Where is the best place to hide it? The answer is in plain sight. Which strategy is best to hide the truth? The answer is that the best way is to ridicule until a level where people will shame to talk about it. This is because of the fear of being ridiculed.

Humanity has been brainwashed with films, articles, etc. for many years. The problem is that even though awaking is happening all around the world, there are still people who think differently. This is not because there are no facts or proofs. It is only because of propaganda, which has been during the last 60-80 years.

I mean, there are lots of evidence all around; the lack of proof is not the question. These people are not unintelligent either. The problem lays in the fact that they are “sleeping.”

The false information has been carved so deep in the mind that the mind refuses to see even the most obvious facts. These are the people who giggle when someone mentions the UFO subject. They do not giggle and ridicule because they are evil or bad.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are used to placing the saltbox in a specific place. i.e., besides, it is always there. Last time your wife was cooking, she places the salt, not in its usual place but somewhere else. The thing is that the salt is still in your plane sight, but you are unable to find it. The reason is that even though the eyes can see the salt bottle, the brain does not respond to it because of the expectation that the saltbox should be somewhere else.

Are the above sounds strange, isn’t it? I assure you that this phenomenon is a scientific fact.

The same goes for people who are “Sleeping.” They see, but they don’t believe it. It just can not be the truth because, for more than 80 years, they have learned that this not true.

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