Why has insomnia become a big problem in society, and what is the cure?

Nowadays, almost you cannot find a person who does not have a problem with insomnia. These recent years or actually this recent 20 years, insomnia has gotten worse every year. Every day people come with new remedies for insomnia. The medical companies are developing now and then a new sleeping medication. People are using different medications to fight sleeping problems more than ever.

IN this article I want to describe why has insomnia become a big problem in society, and what is the cure?

I want to start with myself and share my experiences on this subject. Around a year ago, I got a sleeping disorder, and by that, I mean insomnia. I was going to bed on time and laying on the bed, but I couldn’t sleep.  The eyes were closed, but the mind was wandering around. I had a hard time relaxing and cool down.

To cut the story short, it got worse as time passed. Currently, sleeping is still an issue but not as big as it was before. How did I solve my problem, you may wonder?

The main thing which helped me the most was the realization that the problem is not physical. The root cause was spiritual. Once I realized that I need to cure my mind, not my body, I succeeded in improving, and insomnia got better. I did this by meditation. I am not a hardcore meditator. All I am doing is when I got an issue that occupies my mind during the night. First, I stand up and take a piece of paper and a pencil. I am writing down the issue and try to analyze it. Some time to analyze the problem is enough, and one does not need any solution.

After that, I lay down on the bed and try to focus on breathing, think, and focus on the pineal gland. This is not a meditation on that sense people are used to, but it is a meditation.

By doing so, I get calm, and before I know it, I have fallen asleep.

There are many theories about why insomnia is such a big problem in society these days. Some people believe that the problem and the root cause is stressful daily life. We are now more than ever stressed by our daily life. Often the daily job we perform is causing lots of stress. I agree with somewhat that people are more stressed these days. Our grandparents and parents were not as stressed as we are today. Life was calmer, and things were more joyful.

Although the above is a kind of fact, it is not the only root cause of insomnia. Society’s polarity has changed toward egoism, and everyone thinks about their benefits. What I want to say is that before, people were helping one another. People were in the service of each other, and it was not strange to help a person in need.

Another thing is that there are different factors which are influencing people. These factors are changes in the sun, changes in earth natural frequency, and silent warfare, which has been ongoing since the last century. In the first two subjects, I can give you some more explanation. I have written several articles regarding these issues, but the third one is silent warfare; I recommend doing your research. The subject is sensitive, and it isn’t easy to discuss in a short article such as this one. 

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