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From Sane to Insane by One Chakra

My Book “Channeling with divine” discusses deep issues that everyone struggles to understand.

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Channeling with divine

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Did you ever wonder if there is an answer to the question, “Who am I?” Did you ever wonder what happens when one dies? Did you ever wonder why geniuses were called crazy? Do you know why we are gods? (god with little “g”)? Do you know what is “Time” and why it does not exist? What is different between little gods with negative versus positive polarity? What is the social memory complex, and why not everyone can connect to it? What does the mind/body/spirit complex mean? Can one talk to the divine, and how? Do you know what density is?

The book answers the above questions and many other questions. The most important philosophical questions are answered in simple language. If you got scared of the word “Philosophy,” do not worry. The language is so simple that you will float through the book easily and fast. This book is not commercial, and the aim is not to make money. I aim to provide information and send my message. These words are not advertising stunt, they are initiated from the heart, and I wish you get the information which is in this book (In any way you can).

I have added my spirit to this book to be able to inform you by heart and soul. As I said, I aim to provide information. I hope you will enjoy the book and get familiar with the concept and information which have been hidden to humanity for long.

Who is the one infinite creator?

The one infinite creator has many qualities, and in between, there are light, love, life, and beauty.

How to answer the question, “Who am I?” The question is not so simple to answer. “Who am I?” is a question which people often ask from themselves, and often the answer is ended by a name.  If you want to know the real answer to this question, the answer is, “I am a god/person, a god (with little ‘g’) further in this book, I will refer to god with little “g” as a little god.” A more straightforward solution to this is “I am who I am,” yet we have not provided any answer. I use the word “god” in the sense that if we are part of infinity, naturally in the base, we are eternal as well. Since we are “made” with the same qualities as the one infinite creator, then we are god as well, but with little “g.”.

The illustration below describes this way of thinking somewhat. I will cover this more extensively in another chapter, but here I would like to touch the concept lightly since I have mentioned it. Please note that the illustration is symbolic. One cannot create a border for infinity; however, the creation has an edge since a start point, and a boundary is needed to start to create. I mean, within the infinity, you must know where to create; otherwise, creation is not possible; hence the creation is symbolized like a triangle. The boundary which covers complete creation is illustrating everything there is.

If an entity at one time in his/her life succeeds to open indigo-ray knowingly or unknowingly, the “Entity” gets connected to the social memory complex.

The illustration below shows how an entity that has opened the Indigo Ray has attached himself to a social memory complex. As you can see, the entity has a connection to other members, and the complete network has access to this entity as well. Since the entity is not part of the network, he stays on the other side of the memory complex with connection links.

Please note that this scenario is not typical for everyone. i.e., not everyone who activates indigo-ray gets connected to the social memory complex or a  memory complex. You may wonder how many of these social memory complexes are there? To be honest, I cannot answer your question. All I can say is that I know only one which coexists with humans; this social memory complex has been in interaction with humans for many thousands of years. The interaction is to help humans reaching higher density (I will explain density in later chapters). If you want to know the relation between an entity and social memory complex, I can say that it is like a membership. Once one is accepted, they will have access to all of the experience and knowledge one possesses, and the person has some access to social memory complex, i.e., knowledge and experiences. The relation is somewhat limited because of the nature of the relationship.” The Guardian,” which is the name of this group, accept that you are one of them or to put is another word, you are a little god, but still in a third-density body. The full membership because of this reason is not possible.

Let us discuss why you are a “little god” in short here. Although this is covered extensively in other chapters, I will give a brief explanation. Below I will put some axioms (or logical facts).

  • God is infinite (This will be proven and discuss later)
  • God creates everything within infinity, and there is nowhere else to create it, i.e., all there is, is infinity and God is infinite, so it is strange if he could create outside of infinity. In other words, we are not created outside of infinity (outside of God).
  • If humans are created inside the infinity (inside God), then we are part of it. If we are part of infinity, then we are part of the one infinite creator; hence we have God-like qualities. We are not God since there is only one God, but we are little gods.

The difference between God and little god will be discussed in a later chapter extensively, but here I will go through it shortly.

Human emotions and thoughts are the processes of consciousness. Consciousness is capable of lots of things that people consider them to be divine. Every emotion we have is a feeling like the one infinite creator has. The condition does not make us God but makes us little god. One of the qualities the one infinite creator has is his ability to create.  The infinite one creates by thoughts; this has been confirmed in holy books if one believes in them, and I can confirm it logically as well. Let us prove this logically.

If the infinite creator would need “stuff” to create, let us say galaxies, then he should get this stuff, or he should have access to them in his stock. If he would need to get this stuff, then there is something besides his existence. The fact that he needs to get the thing from somewhere else would be against the fact that he is infinite because nothing else can exist outside of endless existence. You can easily conclude this logically; that is why the first option is not reasonable.

Let us say he has the stuff and gets it. It is not logical that “stuff,” which is the primary material for galaxies, is gathered by God to create the universes. The fact that he would need to make things physically is against the fact that he is infinite. The reason is again that material things have boundaries. A boundary is the opposite of infinity because infinity cannot have limitations.

Suppose you wonder why infinity cannot have boundaries. Here comes a logical reason. Everything that has edges and boundaries can somehow be defined. Imagine a planet or galaxy or a complete universe. If we find the margins to the universe, it will no longer be infinite (as a matter of fact, the universe is finite, but this is another discussion). To clarify this further, I can say that one can calculate everything that has some sort of boundary. When there is a boundary, it is possible to calculate the volume, area, or something else. If we get numbers for something, it is no longer infinite. So, in conclusion, if something has a boundary, it is no infinite, and if it is not infinite, it cannot be God.

So, the second option is not logical, either. The only thing which is left is to create in a metaphysical way, which results in physical objects. However, we must understand that everything is “within God.” A piece of a leather handbag is made of leather. If you cut a part of that handbag, the portion of leather will have the same qualities as a complete handbag.

A little god has the same qualities as God, but there are some differences. Imagine two persons of different ranks in the military. Both have authority but in different quantities. Let me explain it a bit more. A General can order a bigger group of people than a Corporal. The same comparison can be made between a little god and God.

We continue with a person who had activated indigo ray.

When a person’s identity is shattered, although the complete character is still there, the broken pieces do not have any meaning. Although the person always knows who he is, the fragmented pieces are the puzzle pieces that make up his identity and build an “I.” The shattered pieces that are spread all around are a necessity to build oneness. Since the person is within a social memory complex, he does not feel like one person, yet this does not mean that he has multiple personalities. It is like a car collector who had all his cars in one garage, but now each vehicle is in a different garage. The cars are still his, but they are not in the same place. The person knows his name, and he is aware of where he is, but he still has a hard time saying his name and “present” coherent identity. A social memory complex is a unit; it means it is built of many “spirit complex.” The network does not have any password or any blocks. Since there is no hard drive in this network, data is always “fresh,” and if one does not consider the “cables” or means of the connection, one doesn’t know where the information comes from. The person may find an answer to “a quantum mystery,” but he doesn’t know where he got the knowledge. It belongs to the network, but regardless of where the learning comes from, it is accessible. The part with a social memory complex that is contradictory is that although they are like “Borgs from Star Trek,” each spirit and each identity is an individual. It is like being many and one at the same time, many drops of water in a glass of water. If you want, you can identify each drop of water, but it does not matter because they are gathered in a glass of water. An average person will never experience this in his lifetime. It is hard to understand what social memory complex is because we are individuals, but when the memory is shared, the person is no longer an individual. You can compare this with people who often forget names. For these people who keep forgetting names, everyone is the same. That is why it is hard for them to identify a person by name because they all belong to the unit and a memory complex; hence it is difficult to put a “name” on a memory complex. The problem with identification, i.e., to solve the problem for a person who communicates with the social memory complex, is addressed uniquely. The way to solve the problem is that a member of the memory complex chooses an identity. This identity is referred by a name that has a unique connection to the counterpart. A social memory complex can behave as an individual when a recognizable character is presented to counterpart. In the illustration below, a member of the social memory complex called “RA” has been illustrated. This specific social memory complex is called Guardians who hold the earth and people in it very dear to their hearts.

This form will create an illusion that a person is talking to an individual and not a unit (network). The form creates a recognizable boundary, and that helps an individual to speak to social memory complex through interacting with one entity. Let us compare this in an example in real life, a person who has a hard time remembering other people’s names. This person is in a constant state of shared memory with a memory complex. When a name is associated with something else that has identifiable boundaries, the name is remembered. For example, one can associate the name Carine with the word “Car.”

According to the bible, the human is made of the image of God. The issue that human is made of the image of  God will be discussed in a later chapter, but for now, if we accept that we are built in the image of God, we are little gods or as Islam mentions it “ ” This word means little god or goddess. The words come from the most famous Arabic, and Islamic sentence, which is “ ” The sentence says, “There is no god except God.” (My Arabic and Islamic friends, please forgive my intrusion and interpretation; I have all the respect to Islam and other monotheistic religions and mean no disrespect). Please note that I do not mean that humans are God. The base information that I am providing is the one infinite creator has no boundary. Since he cannot create anything outside of himself, because he is everything, so we are not a creation outside of infinity because this is not possible; hence we are part of infinity. If we consider God as infinity, then we are little gods.

Little gods are not reasonable. They do not use logical thoughts, although they have a very logical brain. An example of a very rational woman is “Marie Curie,” the inventor of radium. Little gods either answer with feelings or do not think logically, but it does not make them less little god than other gods (humans are not the only entities who are little gods, here I am referring to other beings, Alien if you will). The human’s problem is that to be able to back up the first decision because they respond too fast, they have a hard time to back down. The wrong choice forces them to defend the first claim and the first decision. The wrong choice is the root cause of many problems in societies. The problem is that the first decision is never the first choice. Let me elaborate on this a bit more. A person likes the blue color, but since the blue color is out of fashion, she buys an orange color dress. Now that she has orange colored clothing, she has to accessories. It means to buy matching shoes and other accessories. Things go so far that she may need to spend a lot of money to get lots of things to match the clothing. If we translate this, it means that the wrong decision is followed with many other wrong choices, which in turn go deeper into a path that may cause pain and injustice. You see, the first choice was already blue, but since she did not choose the first choice, which was comfortable and easy for her, she must make a lot of adjustments that she did not need to.

The things with choices are that if we have the right choice, it is quite easy to choose. If we have difficulty choosing something, it is often the wrong choice because the right choice is easy and effortless. People often say that the right choice is difficult to choose. I would like to say, if it is the right choice it would not be difficult to choose. For example, to die is difficult; to die to defend a loved one is easy. You see, here we have an extra factor in making a choice easy for us or in understanding if we have the right choice. If two options are complicated, one should add more elements, and if there are still challenging, one should add more factors to find the one which is easy to choose.

The fact is that admitting wrongdoing and mistake is a start to a new life, one does not need to admit to everyone but at least to himself. Admitting wrongdoing is the way of little gods (humans) because only God does not make mistakes. Once you admit wrongdoing and evaluate your choices, you will find your path.

According to society, if one considers himself a little god, he is either delusional or crazy; besides, there is only one God. The fact that there is only one God is a truth that I do not dispute, but when it comes to gods with little “g,” there are many.

To be honest, I always had difficulty understanding people claiming that everything is accidental. Nothing is accidental, and I will discuss this in later chapters, but for now, I will give a small example, something to think about.

I would like you to consider “why a seed which is planted, grows upward?” the question may seem silly and unimportant, but when you think about it, it is a mystery. I mean when a person jumps from an airplane, i.e., a person who is skydiving. He falls. It is gravity that helps this person fall to earth or ground if you will. So why a seed that is planted is growing upward? I mean, isn’t this logical to assume that it should go downward because of gravity? We know that it is correct, and it supposes to be so but yet why? If you answer, it is because of sunlight. I can tell you that when the seed is planted and is underground, and sunlight does not reach it. Sunlight can not penetrate to the ground.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t follow the gravity, then it could as well grow left or right or any other direction. How does the seed know when to grow? The seed should see when the temperature is correct and should not grow in winter. It should know when the moisture is proper. Can we consider that the seed is an accidental creation? I mean, is it logical to say that it just happened to do everything correctly?

I will give you another example. A wristwatch is not so complicated. I mean, it is not as complicated as the human body. Let say we take a simple wristwatch apart and put it in a box. We start to shake it because we want to see if the ready parts can come together accidentally. Now I will ask you a question. Will we get a watch if we shake the box for a day? How about if we shake the box for a month? I will raise the stake. Will it be a watch after shaking the box for a million years? I don’t think so.

You see, The logical argument is proof as well, but we humans somehow like to decline things we can not see.

Light is the manifestation of love. It means there will be no love if there is no light; however, these two cannot separate themselves. In life, sometimes, the human’s love manifests itself in different actions, which cannot consider being light; however, that is also love. i.e., love that has manifest itself in a sort of knowledge. One can not say that if two persons like each other, they continuously project light to one another. Think about it. A man loves a woman and gives her a flower. The flower is a representation of beauty, and beauty is one of the creator’s qualities. This wisdom which lights in the other person is light. The light here is wisdom. We humans take things literary, i.e., the “light” must be light. Although this is a fact in most cases, we have no understanding that the concept of love/light and light/love is more significant and broader than its physical and metaphysical meaning.

The one creator, which is infinity, is the same as love, which is also infinity. Love has no boundaries. For example, when a man loves his spouse more and more as the days pass, he is getting closer to infinity. However, a man can’t reach infinity. This approach, although it is prolonged and very far from eternity, is painful. Yes, this is another thing with love, if it is painful for us, it is painful for the one infinite creator as well. That is why human needs boundary for love, or else it will destroy a person. Suppose you ask why is this the case?

Let us say you are careful around other people because you know they will reveal your secret. Are you behaving the same way around the loved ones? Of course not. You don’t behave the same way. If the loved one reveals your secret to strangers, it will hurt more than if a stranger finds out about your secret and tells everyone. It is not so strange to get a bigger hit from the loved one. It is not fair toward your loved one nor your self; that is why one should limit his love and create a boundary.

To understand the love/light, it means the light which has been generated by love, we need to know the nature of love. First, let see if love exists. The question, although amazingly simple, it is not so simple to answer.  Please note that above I claimed that love is infinity, and the physical manifestation is light. I guess this one would be hard to prove because to know this 4th density must be achieved; however, let us talk about the love between man and women. There is undoubtedly a feeling between two people in love.

The moment they hate or dislike each other, the moment they miss each other, but the most proof of the feeling is when one is ready to sacrifice him/herself for the other one’s survival. Explaining love is hard to tell with any other physical qualities. Love generates and sacrifices for the matter that is not selfish. It does not have to be between man and woman.

Here we see love/light. Love turns to an invisible light and manifests itself as a feeling on the other partner.

What is then light/love? The most prominent example of light/ love is creation, but the far most result is the 4th density (positive oriented). The 4th density is the density of love. One of the qualities of the light is the drive to progress. That is the reason we always strive to get more develop in any shape. When we reach 4th density, the light inside us has developed so highly that whole existence turns to love. At this density, we love all the creation and everything around us.

All the above are the one infinite creator and answer to the question “who am I.”  

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