Why is” big bang” difficult to understand-A scientific theory

It is kind of fun that after the television series the big bang theory, whenever we mention the big bang theory, we must define which one we are talking about. The theory is difficult enough, and it is good that some fun is related to it. Here I am not going to talk about the big bang theory of the television series, and I want to talk about why is “big bang” difficult to understand-A scientific theory.

What we describe in bang does not make any sense, or somewhat it is hard to explain because our third-density mind cannot comprehend. Let me give you an example. When we talk about infinity, we somehow understood that we could not comprehend, although deep inside, everyone has a feeling that they “know.” This knowing is initiated by the fact that we are not only physical bodies. We are vibration, and to make it easier to understand, we are energy. If you look at it as the energy, it is eternal, and somehow something eternal has some relation to infinity. That is why we believe that we understand. i.e., we know that we do not know.

We know that infinity cannot have edges and areas. It is only logical to assume if something has an edge, it is not infinite.  Things immediately get more complicated when going in the opposite direction, i.e., instead of expending, we are shrinking. It is kind of funny if you think about it. It is like Americans who like everything bigger, like cars and a portion of food, and Japanese who like everything small like small cars and sushi.

A normal American has a hard time to get met with sushi, and a normal Japanese cannot eat up one American food portion.

I apologize if I forget what singularity is:

In a simple word:

  • Something incredibly small, i.e., so small that you cannot imagine.
  • Something that is incredibly dense.
  • Something that is incredibly energetic, i.e., it can build a complete universe even if it is so small, this may help you understand how much energy we are talking about.
  • Something that is incredibly high gravitation
  • And many more.

Here I am just trying to explain the size in this article. Now let us throw each fact logically and conclude.

Can singularity, no matter how small it is, to have edges? If it is edged no matter how small, it is we can count its energy because we can see the universe. Or can we? Do we see all the universes? How about unseen universes? How about parallel or multi universes? How about parallel realities?

So, in conclusion, and if you wonder how I can conclude, I can tell you that no one on earth can answer these questions. Again, in conclusion, it does not have edges.

If it does not have edges, can it be considered infinite even if we believe it is so small?

I think the infinite creator has a sense of humor. He wants to say that although we believe we understand the infinity, we still cannot comprehend it. Infinity can be small as well.

This incredible because he is trying to make us see a different side of infinity. I just realized this while writing this article, and It gave me profound feelings.

How about you? Do you think you know more know? Or what all this just gibberish?

By the way, if someone could find where the word gibberish comes from and send me a mail, I would appreciate it. I am serious; at least one thing I do not need to think about.

We can define our finite universe as follow:

This means, in simple words, it is bigger or equal to finite, and it is less and equal to finite; In between is infinite; it means that the boundary of the universe can grow within a finite border. It will make sense if you use some numbers to satisfy the equation above. 

Share the article with loved ones and people who you are found of, it means do not just share it. Please share it with someone who matters to you. I do not care if the whole internet read my articles. If that one specific person reads it, it gives me all the joy I need.

In the end, for people who did not catch this:
What the article is saying in simple words is that singularity is the same as infinity even though they may seem to be different. 

God bless you and have a nice time. Enjoy the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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