Aliens agenda

There are lots of “conspiracy” theories around the internet, and YouTube each has some explanation about the alien’s agenda.

To discuss the alien agenda, we first have to agree (or believe) that aliens exist.  This article is not about making you believe that alien exists (my personal opinion aside). It is merely an idea about what would be their agenda if they exist and if they are visiting earth.

Great minds such as late Stephen Hawking has warned humanity about the horrible outcome of encounters between aliens and human. On the other hand, famous Dr. Steven M. Greer, who is known within ufology, talks about benevolent aliens whom he has encountered many times. Who to believe? Who is right?

I believe if we put some facts on the table and review history, we can get a clue, but we have to make this analysis very logically and without prejudices.  

Any time in history, a technologically advanced group met some other primitives’ group people; it didn’t go well for that primitive group; this is a very well-known fact through history.

When the Spanish met the Aztecs in 1519, it didn’t go well for the Aztecs. The Spanish conquered the Aztecs 1521, and their capital and empire were destroyed. Of course, the motivation behind this conquest was gold, glory, and religion. We should not forget that it was not Spanish alone who was solely responsible for the destruction of the Aztec empire.  Spanish and Spanish indigenous allies destroyed the Aztec empire.

We can find many similar examples in history.

Now, let’s assume that aliens are visiting earth. We have to believe that these aliens possess advanced technology, or else they could not have interstellar traveling capabilities. Just the fact that they have advanced technology does not make them benevolent but make a simple fact very obvious. If they want to destroy the earth and kill all the population, they can easily do so because they probably have advanced weaponry. Even humans possess nuclear weapons, which can destroy complete earth several times. This is logical to assume that aliens have far superior weapons.  According to ancient alien theory, aliens have been around for centuries. Since they have not used their weapon to destroy us until now or we cannot find any proof that they have done so in history, we can assume that they don’t want to destroy us; otherwise, they could do that many times during the human history.

If they are coming to speak about their own beliefs and religion, logic dictate that they should send some messengers, missionaries, or representative to humans. I have not heard of any news about new alien religion, nor have I seen any alien who advocates for he believes. If this is their agenda, they are doing a poor job. It is plausible that this is the case, but the evidence does not support the idea.

Some theories speak about natural resources. i.e., aliens are after different metal or even water. Well, in that case, they could nuke the earth, kill all, and get over with their plan; that would be the easiest solution, but this has not been the case beside a race with such advanced technology could collect these recourses anywhere in the Milky way or even in our solar system. Jupiter’s moon, which is called Europa, has probably more water than earth (it is in the form of Ice, easier to transport, right?). I am sure you can find different metal alloys in the Milky way or our solar system as well.

Well, if it is not gold (metal alloys) or religion and believes, then it must be the glory. I mean, some races love to dominate other races. Here on earth, some counties love to show their dominance over other countries with the help of military power.

I guess if this is the alien’s plan (by the way, there is not only one race of aliens). They should bring enough people to be able to control 7,4 billion people. This may be the case, but I am still waiting to see alien armada coming toward the earth, besides what is so glorious to conquer a race of human beings that, compare to aliens, are like monkeys and incredibly possess lower intelligence and technology.

So, if it is not gold, religion, or glory, then an encounter with aliens may not have the same outcome as the Spanish and Aztecs. 

I don’t claim I know what the alien agenda is, but it is time to look further and deeper into the subject and try not to be so two dimensional.

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