Alien Visitors around our Sun; this is getting scary.

I don’t know if you have heard or not, but many pictures are circulating the internet and on YouTube about planet-size objects around our Sun. I have published an article about the Sun recently, which if you haven’t read yet. Youtube Link:

Many officials deny these reports and the existence of these objects. I don’t claim than these are real and exist, but the fact that their pictures and report in itself is scary.

Life as we know it depends highly on our Sun and God forbid if anything happens to our Sun, there will be nothing we can do to fix it. I mean, at the current level of our technology, we can’t make any impact on the Sun, but I am not much sure about the huge planet-size objects around the Sun. I mean, if what we see in these pictures are real, then the question is, what are these alien objects doing around the Sun?

The fact that Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico mysteriously shuts down by US authority without any explanation does add to the suspicion that something is going on.

Recently I come across a Facebook where Gina Maria Colvin Hill took some pictures of Sun with her camera. I don’t know which equipment she has used or how accurate are these pictures. I know that it is difficult to capture Sun with the usual camera or even a system camera without filters (I am an amateur photographer myself).

Anyway. In Gina’s pictures, we can see many foreign objects around the Sun. I know that these objects look small in the pictures, but if you consider the size of the Sun, each object is a planet-size object (At least is big as earth).

Recently NASA sent a spacecraft to our Sun for observation and measurement. Can it be some other reason behind sending these spacecraft? Do they know something that we don’t know?

Anyway, below are the pictures. You be the judge. What do you see?

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