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Why do I have Ads in blogish.net? Babylonian magic money!

We are living in a society based on Babylonian magic money. With this sentence, I believe I have created a question. If you are not familiar with to phrase Babylonian magic money. The system is based on creating a means to control. The institution like central bank print money. Nowadays the just add a number to total balance and create funds. […]

Daily life

Looking for a control freak society with big brother organization!

Many societies are going toward a big brother organization and monitor citizens 24/7. Often when we talk about the big brother organization people are picturing a society full of cameras where everything is monitored. Although this is a common way to monitor citizens of a country, it is not the only way. There are many ways of collecting information and monitoring without people are reacting to it.
A society like Sweden, which is built-in big brother Principals is one example of such a society. It is not unfair to say that society is a control freak society where people are so much monitored, and behaviors and freedom have been limited by so many laws that people no longer react. I mean people are used to it. […]

Daily life

We are literally getting cooler and live longer!

You wonder what do I mean with “We are literally getting cooler”? Human body temperature has dropped some degrees in the last century. Scientists after some research have found out that normal body temperature is no longer 37 degrees Celsius. There have been studies that indicate that between the current world population, there will be some who will live as long as 150 years. […]

Health and cure

What is a coronavirus and where did it come from?!

There are many articles and links on the Internet about this virus, one can find detailed information about what is a coronavirus and what are the symptoms. Here I would like to explain it in simple words. coronavirus is some sort of flu virus in simple words. The symptoms are similar to the flue and when it gets worth. The way it disables the body is the same as pneumonia. […]


What is the UFO giggle factor and why?

Have you noticed that whenever someone mentions UFO or some UFO-related subject, there is always some giggle is involved? People giggle. The subject is taboo. It is taboo to discuss the subject publicly. It is taboo to research. Let’s be honest, if a UFO would publicly land on the middle Stockholm, It would hardly be the strangest thing we have seen. […]


What is enlightenment? what people mean by “awakening”?

Nowadays in many places, people talk about enlightenment and awakening. To be honest, these words are used for almost everything but today I would like to clarify, what do these two words mean.
First, I would like to say that I do not consider myself a person who has achieved enlightenment. With all humbleness all is happening to me is that I am “waking up”. Humanity is in a deep sleep and people need to wake up. This awakening should be in all areas. This includes political awareness, spiritual presence, nature of life and to be, creation and religion and so on. […]

Objects around the sun

Levitating sand phased out of our reality and enters another reality.

One of the whistleblowers claimed that a race of alien who wished to explore the universe in a more efficient way than sling shut around the stars and using the cosmic web, build the biggest spaceship they could around their sun. What is interesting about this spaceship is that by using quantum state is moving around the universe in a split of a microsecond. Thankfully this is a peaceful race even though they have the most advanced weaponry in this spaceship which is using the power of the sun which is within it. […]

Fundamental questions

Reflecting life

This is a short poem I have written with the inspiration from The LAW OF ONE.
This poem has deep meaning and I believe the only people who are able to really enjoy it are those who have studied this philosophical book […]

Fundamental questions

How do people go to the state of trans and connect to higher dimensions?

Through the history of humanity different groups of people have claimed that they are in contact with higher dimensions and different entities from other worlds. Often these connections are done in the state of trans. So, the first question is how do people go to trans? and the second question is who are these entities which are communicating with these people during trans and meditation. […]