Believe it or not, the universe is neither flat nor is it infinite!

Ok, now I am in deep water, as far as everyone considers the universe is infinite and flat. How come do I claim that the universe is not flat? You may think, I am out of my mind or this is just another BS. The first time I heard about the bubble universe was in an alleged interview with a reptilian called Lacerta. After that, I came to contact another source called The Law of One which spoke about multi universes and multi-dimensions. This was before any other scientist in mainstream come up with the multi-universe. […]

Fundamental questions

Sadhguru vs The Law Of One

Recently I accidentally got to know a great guru called Sadhguru. It is hard to describe him. He is not a holy person like other religious figures. He doesn’t speak or advertise for any religion. He is a person who had been mediating whole his life and through this life experience and meditation, he has achieved serenity and peaceful mind. He is a yogi and mystic. If you wish to know what a yogi is, please do a bit of research on the Internet. The main topic of this article is not about meditation or yogi. I will, however, compare some of Sadguru’s teaching to the law of one. […]