People who claim incredible things! Part 1

In many articles and podcast episodes, I have mentioned: “according to whistleblowers”. To clarify who these whistleblowers are and what do they say, I am writing this article (a making a podcast). These are the people who claim incredible things. There are many people out there who believe these claims are true. My personal opinion does not matter much on this subject. Furthermore, I neither confirm these claims nor decline. I believe it is up to every person to make a judgment call and decide for himself. […]

Daily life

Why has insomnia become a big problem in society and what is the cure?

Nowadays, almost you cannot find a person who does not have a problem with insomnia. These recent years or actually this recent 20 years, the problem with insomnia has gotten worse every year. Every day people come with new remedies for insomnia. The medical companies are developing every now and then new sleeping medication. People are using different medications to fight sleeping problems more than ever. […]

Fundamental questions

Divine order or random coincidences.

Have you ever noticed that your actions have a causality? You may think it is obvious that one’s actions have causalities. When one pours down coffee in a cup, the result will be that the cup will be filled with coffee. In this example the result of the action is obvious, but this is not always the case. What I am trying to say is, that sometimes the actions have no clear result. The connection is not visible and obvious. […]


Pineal Gland, what is it and what is its function?

Pineal Gland geometrically is in the center of the brain. It is the size of a pea. It has more blood flow than any other part of the body except the kidney. The cells in the Pineal gland are the same as the retina in the eyes. The ancient Indian call this for the third eye. If you have watched any Indian movie or some Indian ceremony like marriage party, you have surely seen a red-colored dot Indian people place on the forehead right above the nose between two eyes on the forehead. […]

Strange and mysterious

Nazca Mummies, do you need more evidence?

This article is for total unbelievers and skeptics. I am going to talk about some mummies found in the Nazca desert in Peru which will defy all logic. Although these mummies were found in 2017, there has not been much media coverage or no media coverage at all. […]