Aliens and UFO

Aliens and UFO

Nazca Mummies, do you need more evidence?

This article is for total unbelievers and skeptics. I will talk about some mummies found in the Nazca desert in Peru, which will defy all logic. Although these mummies were found in 2017, there has not been much media coverage or no media coverage at all. […]

Aliens and UFO

Government admits the presence of off-world Alien crafts

I don’t know how many people laughed at me when I claimed that there are unidentified flying objects on earth. People used to giggle and say. It is fake, or that is a light reflection, and so on. Some people refuse to open their eyes and see. It is very simple, the off-world craft is flying all over the earth, and we are being visited. Now there is official evidence, and I have proof; government admits the presence of off-world Alien crafts. […]

Aliens and UFO

The mystery around the last Russian unmanned mission to Mars.

Lots of mystery surrounded the last unmanned mission to Mars by Russian. This mission includes two space ships, Phobos I and Phobos II. The Soviet Union had decided to study two of Mars moon called Phobos and Deimos.

This mission was a joint venture between 14 countries, including Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, France, West Germany, and the United States.


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